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Makeup, Hair Styling, and Spray Tanning Studio

How to Book a Wedding Makeup Artist


Bride-to-be? Congratulations! I hope you’ve taken a moment to soak it all in, because in all likelihood, you’re about to embark on some of the most in-depth event planning you may ever do. Near or at the top of most brides’ lists is making sure that they look their best on the day of (and for pre-wedding events, like engagement shoots, rehearsals and more…) I’ve compiled a list to help you find a makeup artist for your wedding!

Do Your Research

Beyond the newsstand, there are a ton of online resources for you to take a look at to get ideas. Websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire are great starting places. If you’re looking for something local, try looking for something in-state; in Oklahoma, two popular sites are Brides of Oklahoma or OKC Wedding Ideas. Trade shows are also popular (OK Bride). Branch out and look on Pinterest, or tap into your personal network and put out a status update on Facebook.

Play the Field 

Once you’ve found a few candidates, get to know them better. Have a consultation with each of them to make sure that you get along and that you like their approach! Your makeup artist will be with you and your bridal party for several hours, so make sure that they fit in.

Know Your Price

This is one of the biggest milestones in your life; by haggling and trying to cut corners, you may end up with a day you want to forget. Pricing is an important indicator of an artist’s experience as well — make sure that you take a look into the portfolio and see what they’ve done.

Remember, the price is not only for their time on the day and supplies, but also any consultations, but any communication, photo reviews and the like.

It never hurts to ask and confirm what’s included in the fee, or if they have additional services already included. This can include airbrushing, applying lashes, tanning, pre-event testing, mileage, taxes and fees.

Know What You’re Working With

Be prepared to be able to describe the look you want and what suits you. For the makeup artist, ask if they have experience with your skin tone and type, as well as your hair type. You don’t want to look like your foundation doesn’t match the rest of you on the day of.

Put it in Writing

Make sure that you sign a contract and if required, supply a deposit promptly. Once you’ve found your perfect makeup artist for your event, you won’t want to let them go!

Also ensure that your artist knows, preferably in writing, any allergies or preferences you may have. For example, if you’re allergic to latex, let the artist know, since lash glue has latex in it. Additionally, if you prefer vegan, gluten-free, and/or products not tested on animals, make sure that it’s made clear.

When you’re planning your big day, it can be difficult to remember all the little things. Hopefully I’ve been able to help you make sure the details are covered. When I book for weddings, I always make sure I’ve taken care of my part of the above; it makes everything go that much smoother!